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Elmar Leal, founded TAS in 1986. He is an audio engineer of proven and ample experience in all the areas that pertain the audio discipline. He has worked with renowned international artists, such as: The Police, Queen, Paco de Lucia, The Joe Perry Project, Saga, Grand Funk, XTC, Jean-Luc Ponty, Terra Rara, Harlequin, Spirogira, Lani Hall, Maynard Ferguson, Richard Clayderman, Raphael, José Luis Rodríguez, among others. He is the founding member and President of the A.E.S.’ (Audio Engineering Society)Venezuelan section, and has been selected, through member elections, in two occasions, as the Vice President for the A.E.S.’ Latin American region, for which he is also the founder and main promoter. For 10 years, he was a volunteer writer for the MIX magazine in Spanish, a publication that is edited and published in the United States. Elmar is also a music producer, composer and plays multiple instruments.




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