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Currently, Taller de Arte Sonoro offers two distinct tracks of study: Audio and Video. Each track has a basic set of common courses (1st level) and 4 additional levels for each specialty (levels 1,2,3,4 and 5) for audio and video. After completing the basic courses, in addition to 4 levels of one of the specialties, plus levels 2 and 3 of the other specialty (in any combination, basic level, 4 levels of audio and 2 of video or vice versa) there is the option to take courses offered in level 6. The “Audiovisual Technical Producer” diploma is obtained after completing this last level. Each level lasts 10 weeks and consists of 80 to 100 class session hours, which equate to 2 academic hours each. The audio and video tracks can be pursued simultaneously, with compatible scheduling, to finalize the program in 2 years.

Our program is tailored to high school graduates of age, responsible and conscious of their obligations, and that are already involved with an activity related to the audiovisual field. Based on this premise, the evaluation system does not emphasize a grade or a goal-oriented method of measurement. Instead, it monitors the progress of each student in the different levels through corrections, and suggestions from the instructors. The most important factor of all is the consistent attendance, and the dedication that is expected from college-level education.


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